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    Africa has vast expanses of arid agricultural land…which suffers from varying degrees of degradation," says Malian desertification expert Souleymane Keïta. "The desertification of the continent has grave consequences in terms of poverty, population movements and food security." The desertification of this region affects global air quality, as 60% of the world’s dust comes from here.  The United Nations points to the desertification of Africa as contributing to its regional conflicts,  especially over natural resources.

    Mikael Djiguiba is a Dogon from the Bandiagara Escarpement area near Mopti. He has begun a tree planting program in Dogon lands, planting
5 different types of trees that are beneficial to the environment and sources of food, medicine and shelter for local people. A forest can change a
climate by drawing in water to the region, deforestation on the other hand creates a desert.  Mali, once part of the Sahel (semi-arid) region,is slowly becoming like the Sahara desert to its north.

    The Trees of Life Program spearheaded by Mikael Djiguiba is seeking to plant 500 trees in the first year, as well as cleaning up the environment
of plastic waste, which has become a blight and hazard in many parts of Africa.  Trees of Life is looking to partner with a non profit organization
here in the United States that can sponsor this project. 


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