Patricia Lanza Location Photography

    Patricia Lanza began her career in photography with the National Geographic Society in Washington DC, where she had over 700 pictures published during an 8-year period.  Assignments have taken her across five continents and 48 countries. She produces photography and articles for a variety of clients, books and publications.  And is currently under contract with the Tribune Syndicate (80 U.S. and International Newspapers) World’s Fare section to produce travel articles.

    On her many assignments she documented the plight of the Swazi Zulu people under Apartheid in South Africa, witnessed the fall of communism in the Soviet Union, reported on the plight of the sea turtle and efforts to save them in the Maldives, and currently is working with the Dogon tribe to initiate a program of eco-tourism and tree planting in Mali.

        For the past several years, she has been working with the Annenberg Foundation on the development of their New Space for Photography in Los Angeles.  She will act as the Director of Talent and Content for the Annenberg Space for Photography, which will launch in 2009. The purpose of this new center of photography is to educate, inspire and increase our understanding of the world through the art of the image.

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